International Shipping FAQ

Sendoso offers warehousing across the USA (Phoenix, Hayward aka. Beverage-US), in Canada (Montreal), in Europe (Peterborough), and Australia (Ingleburn). There are many benefits from shipping intra-country and intra-Europe.

Benefits from Shipping USA to USA or Canada to Canada or UK to UK include:

  • No customs fees if custom gifts, swag, etc are purchased within the country and sent to our in-country warehouse.
  • If you are shipping gifts, swag, etc from USA to our Canada warehouse then customs fees are paid only once.  Instead of paying customs on each individual shipment (direct-to-customer), a customs fee is paid once to get the goods into the country.  Subsequent direct to Canadian customer shipments are free from this levy.
  • Eliminates the need to go through Customs on individual shipments
  • Using domestic ship-methods in Canada such as Canada Post, shipping times and costs to Canadian customers can be significantly reduced.   

Some other things to consider if you are shipping from the US to our Canada warehouse or from the US to our UK warehouse:

  • Anything crossing the border will need an Importer of Record.   Unfortunately, Sendoso cannot act in this capacity.
  • You will need to clear customs, paying all applicable duties and freight prior to landing goods at our facilities.  
  • Unfortunately, any goods arriving with duties or freight unpaid will be refused.
  • As usual, once you have coordinated your shipment, please create a ShipNotice to let us know the goods are on the way.
  • As of January 1, 2021, a commercial invoice is now required to ship from the UK to the EU.

Prohibited Countries for Sendoso Shipping

For a list of prohibited countries and high-risk countries, please click here

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