Salesforce Setup Guide (Manager Users)

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Sendoso allows you to Sync all sending activity to Salesforce via automatically logging all Activity and also adding recipients (Leads/Contacts) to a Salesforce Campaign for additional tracking purposes.

In this Help Guide, you'll learn how to set up a Touch that is synced to Salesforce. Regular Users that you add to your Sendoso team can get set up with this Regular User Salesforce Setup guide.

To get started, make sure you're logged in. If not, login to Sendoso here.

Next, on the top left, select Touches or click here to go directly to the Touches page.


Next, click on Create New Touch.


Next, follow the steps until you get to the Tracking section. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the Salesforce Tracking setup section.


Next, follow the instructions, when asked to Sync Salesforce you'll see a popup that looks like this:


Next, after syncing Salesforce you can select which Salesforce Campaign to want to sync that Touch with.


Once set up, it automatically logs all Activity. It logs an activity whenever anything is sent, and additionally if the eGift was opened or clicked and if the physically mailed item (direct mail, handwritten note, custom gift) was delivered. Sendoso always uses the same syntax below so you can create Salesforce reports easily.


Sendoso also adds each recipient (Lead/Contact) as a Member of a Salesforce Campaign in "Sent" status. Then if the eGift is opened, clicked or used it changes the status to "Opened, Clicked and Used" and if the physically mailed item (direct mail, handwritten note, custom gift) was delivered it changes status to "Delivered." 


 Additionally, Sendoso also automatically updates the Campaign fields for "Actual Cost in Campaign" with the sum of the actual cost of all items sent in that Touch and also updates the "Num Sent in Campaign" field.




If you want to test out the Salesforce integration and Sync make sure you've completed the steps above and also set up access to that Touch in the Teams section.

First, Install the Salesforce app (via Chrome), you can also click here to install it. 



That's it! Now you're all set up. In Salesforce on any Lead or Contact record, you'll see the Sendoso button at the top.


If you click it you can select what you'd like to send. The email address or mailing address will be automatically pulled in. After clicking 'Send,' refresh the Salesforce page to see the logged Activity and logged Campaign member. 



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