How do I Sync Salesforce?

Sendoso allows you to sync your Salesforce account via OAuth so you can track all sending activity to Salesforce!

We can automatically log all activities and add recipients (Leads/Contacts) to a Salesforce Campaign for additional tracking purposes.

To get started, log in to Sendoso.

  • Next, navigate to the Integrations tab located in the bottom left corner of Sendoso (or click here to go directly to the Integrations page) 


  • Find the Salesforce panel, and select Learn More 


  • Follow the steps to install the Chrome Extension by selecting Install it or by clicking here 
  • Select the orange Initiate the Integration button
  • Select Sync Salesforce to allow access for Sendoso to read/write in Salesforce via OAuth. Keep in mind, that if your team wants to use an integration user or API Only user, you will need that login information


  • Click Allow to confirm Sendoso access 


Congrats! You are now synced to Salesforce. The Sendoso Chrome extension will now be visible when you are viewing a lead or contact in Salesforce and you will be able to complete sends to your prospects! Here is what it looks like:




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