Eloqua eGift URL trigger and troubleshooting



  • Setup Process
  • Troubleshooting

Setup Process

1. To get started, click on the Touches section then select to Create New Touch option:


2. Select the touch details that you would like to apply within the gift selection.


3. Enter in the Touch name and details and select 'Trigger sending based on Integration' and select funding source:


4. After clicking Next then click on Eloqua:


5. Eloqua eGift URL touches require an Eloqua user(Customer Administrator access at the minimum) to be synced. After selecting 'Sync your Eloqua', you will be prompted to log in with your Eloqua credentials. You have the option to elect to insert a template of your choice for the eGift option landing page.


6. Lastly, all you need to do is Copy/Paste your Eloqua eGift link into any Eloqua email template. When the link is clicked it will dynamically generate the specified eGift link and link the recipient to the Sendoso landing page to redeem their eGift card. (The link does not work when you copy and paste it in your URL, only through a live email in Eloqua.)


You also have the option to customize the eGift redemption landing page by selecting a Template that will allow you to upload your own custom header image as shown below.


That's it! 

If you want to test you can turn on Testing Mode which allows you to trigger Eloqua eGift links but the eGift card link has $0 value.

To turn on Testing Mode, click on Settings, then scroll to the bottom and toggle off Live to Testing.




If the following error 'Email is not verified' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  1. All Eloqua emails containing the eGift link must be live and not test emails.
  2. Recipients must exist as contacts within Eloqua.
  3. Egift URL must be hyperlinked in the email template

If the following error 'Invalid URL!' results then the following will solve this issue. No, send activity is created in Sendoso when this error is shown.


  1. Touch must be active.



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