How to generate eGift links

You can generate eGift links for any gift card that can be copy/pasted and use within your own emails, social media, printed collateral, or anything else.


Step One: Touch Set-Up - 

To enable the ability to generate eGift links, you need to make sure that your touch is set up to "Allow Sender to Choose":


Step 2: Generating the link from Salesforce or

You can generate them one-by-one within Salesforce or in bulk CSV download within

Click on the Sendoso button in Salesforce and select the eGift to send:




Then click on "Generate eGift links to download" in the drop-down:


It will then display the eGift link for you to copy/paste and send:


It will also automatically add an Activity and add to a pre-specified Salesforce Campaign:




You can also generate eGift links from within


Once you decide on the amount of eGift links and value of the egift link you wish to order, you'll just click "Generate and Download" to get the egift link!




Gating generated eGifts links for additional tracking 

If you're planning on generating an egift link and sending it directly to the end recipient, you have the option to "gate" egifts and require them to enter in their email so you know when and who redeemed it.


Step One: Select an eGift touch


Step Two: Select "Generate eGift links to download" and check the "Gate the eGift redemption page..." option


You are able to set who gets the notification when the recipient redeems the egift either by checking the send notification to the Salesforce Account Owner or by manually typing in the sender's email.


Step Three:  Copy the link and send it to the recipient



Step Four: When the recipient clicks on the link, they will be prompted to enter in their work email and once they do they are able to select and redeem the egift option and the sender will get the notification.


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