Setting up Custom and Expedited Shipping Methods

You can set up custom shipping methods to give senders the ability to decide if they want to expedite a direct mailer or gift that may be important or time sensitive. This feature is fully customizable per Touch.


1. If you create a new direct mail touch, you'll see the option to adjust the shipping methods:


2. You can decide if you want to set the shipping method for all senders or let the sender decide on the shipping method at the time of sending.

By default, we set the shipping method to "Sendoso Optimized Shipping" which looks at the package size/weight and the recipient's address destination and determines the optimal carrier based on cost/time.  



As you can see in the screenshot above, if you need to expedite a shipment, you can allow senders to choose options like two day or overnight shipping.


3. If you decide to let the Sender select the shipping method then the sender will have the drop-down shipping option enabled:



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