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Highlights of the Amazon + Sendoso integration:

- [NEW!] Automatically populate Salesforce data in the Amazon widget to auto-fill the address
- Send ultra personalized items to prospects and customers.
- Sent from Amazon to our warehouse to be re-boxed with a handwritten note and/or swag/etc.
- No credit card entered on Amazon or account needed uses your Sendoso account balance.
- Setup users to have monthly spending limits.
- Pulls mailing address data directly from Salesforce.
- Logs to the Salesforce campaign and Salesforce activities.
- Sends delivery email notification when the recipient receives the package.


1. Click on the Touch tab:

2. Click Create New Touch:


3. Scroll down and click on the Buy/Send via Amazon option:

4. Next, set up some Amazon preferences such as the per purchase budget Senders can spend: 

*Note - the Amazon integration still follows all Monthly Budget rules that you set for the groups/users in the Teams section.

5. You can also include additional swag, stickers, custom packing supplies, etc when the Amazon item is re-boxed and sent from the Sendoso warehouse.

6. Finishing setting up the Touch including syncing to a Salesforce Campaign, etc.

7. After you complete the Touch setup, don't forget to click on the Team section and Assign the new Amazon Touch to the group(s) that you want to have access.


8. Lastly, make sure that you (and/or the users on your team) click into the Chrome extension:


9. Then click on Setup Button:


10. Then Toggle On Amazon:



11. The "[Sendoso] Buy/Send via Amazon" button will now show up on all Amazon products. Click that button instead of the "Add to Cart" button":



12. If you have salesforce integrated, there are 4 options to auto populate addresses:

  • Select a Recent Contact/Lead: will populate with the last 5 contacts or leads that you have looked at in SalesForce
  • Search for a Salesforce Contact/Lead: allow you to search through all of your existing contacts and leads 
  • Search for an Account to See All Contacts: allow you to search for an account that will bring up all the related contacts/leads
  • or Manually Enter Recipient Name and Mailing Address: SFDC Not Required! This will allow you to manually enter the address of the person you want to send this item to. 


13. All Amazon orders are accompanied with a handwritten note. What will happen is that the Amazon order will be shipped to our warehouse, our team will unbox it for you and remove all Amazon labels, add a handwritten note to personalize the send and ship it to your prospect. 



If you need help reach out to your CSM or email us at!


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