Additional Details: touch limits, quantity limits, and hide dollar ($) amount.

Sendoso offers even more customization options with Additional details. The newest options include the ability to:

  • Only show Touch to Sender if the recipient hasn't received the same Touch in # of days.
  • Only allow each Sender to send # quantity of the Touch.
  • Hide Touch $ amount from Sender.
  • Option to disable sending to PO Boxes.
  • Require Signature
  • Add an additional field on send page

1. To set these options up, create a new Touch and then click on +Additional details:


2. Scroll down to the bottom and decide which setting you want to enable/setup:

 For example, in setting up "Quantity Limits":



Users can select a limit (per User or Team) to send off this particular Touch. The limit can reset weekly, monthly, or all time. 




Note:- The above screenshot explains only 10 quantities of the touch can be sent twice in a week.



Note:-  The Quantity Limits set to "0" means no limitation rules on quantity limits whatsoever.


3. Once the touch is setup, senders will be able to send & see that touch under send page. Once the quantity limit exceeds it will disappear as a sending option.





If you have any questions on any of these features, let us know!







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