Marketo Engage Webhook trigger (Step 2: Sendoso Touch Creation and Marketo Engage Flow Setup)

Click here to view a short video on Marketo Engage Webhook setup with Sendoso (8min)

IMPORTANT: Marketo Engage does not support Webhook flow steps in Batch campaigns only Triggered campaigns.

Assuming you've first done all the one-time setup instruction here then you are now ready to set up your Sendoso Touch and Marketo Engage Flow steps to trigger the Webhook.  

First, you will need to get your Sendoso Touch ID to add to the Marketo Engage Flow. Navigate to

Creating a Sendoso Touch for Marketo Engage

1. Select "Create New Touch."


2. Select the item you would like to send with this touch and move to the next step. Complete the send details step and move to the next step.  On the touch details page, change the touch type to "Triggered sending based on integration." Select the funding source you'd like to send. Proceed to the next step. 


3. On the next page, select Marketo Engage as the integration type and select next. 


4. On the next page, change the Marketo Integration Type to "Marketo Webhook."  Next, you'll use the "Marketo Client Secret," "Marketo Client ID," and "Base URL" you received during Webhook setup. On the bottom of the page you'll receive the "Sendoso Touch ID."  Copy the Sendoso Touch ID, you will need it during Flow Setup.  Proceed to the next step.


5. On the next page, you can select who you would like to receive notifications. In addition to that, if your send contains a note to the recipient, you can create/edit the template on this page.  Select "edit template with custom message." On this page, you can insert Marketo Variables to create a dynamic note. 


6. The final step needed for a Marketo Engage Triggered Touch will be to map how Sendoso will send data back to Marketo Engage.  This will correspond with the channel and program member statuses that were created during channel creation. Select next step and finish the remaining steps.


Bonus Tip: We have a few extra fields you can track when you send a physical gift.  These include the total amount spent on a campaign, the tracking number, and the tracking URL.  

These map directly into your Marketo Engage instance - for ideas on how to use this, take a look at our Blog Post!



Creating a Marketo Engage Flow for Sendoso

1. Click Marketing Activities and click into the Campaign (or create a new one) where you want to trigger a Sendoso mailer/gift:


2. Within the Campaign, click into the Flow: 


3. Add a 'Change Date Value' and select the Attribute as Sendoso Touch ID:


4. Copy/Paste your Unique Touch ID from Sendoso into the New Value field:



*Note- each Sendoso Touch has its' own Touch ID. Each time you want to set up a different Marketo Engage Webhook you'll need to Copy/Paste the specific Touch ID from Sendoso.

5. Add a 'Call Webhook' and select Sendoso:


That's it!

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