Salesforce Integration (Campaign Member Status' & Advanced Salesforce Field Syncs)

Sendoso can automatically add Salesforce contacts and leads to Campaigns and automatically update their member status when items are sent and delivered. 

To set this up, log in to Salesforce, click on the Campaigns tab, and then create a new Campaign.

Then, after completing the basics (Name, Type, etc) click on the Advanced Setup button.


From the Advanced Setup page, you can now add in the custom Member Status' that correlate to your Campaign. At a minimum we suggest having status' for Sent, Delivered, and Responded.



Once you've saved the Campaign settings, log back into and set up a new Touch.

When you're creating the new Touch, once you get to the Salesforce Tracking section you can enter in your Salesforce Campaign name and the preferred Member Status' for when something is sent and delivered.

For eGifts:


For direct mail sends:



You can also map out extra fields from Sendoso into Salesforce too: 

For eGifts:


For direct mail sends:



And that's it! 

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