What is the $ amount displayed?


Amount Displayed

Gifts and items that have defined costs (eGifts, postcards, and handwritten notes) show the exact price that's charged to the sender when they click send. These touches will NOT have an asterisk (*) next to the cost.

Touches that include an asterisk (*) are estimated prices. For example, touches that show a price of $XX* indicate this is not the final cost. This is an estimate of how much the item will cost to send and it will be averaged out to the true cost as you start to send more bundles. For reference, look at the cupcake touch above.

Touches that include a "TBD*" price are related to BYO Box bundles. BYO Box touches allow you to include any number of items that can vary in quantity, size, and dimensions. When the item is packaged and the shipping label is printed out, we will know how much it will cost to send. 


Estimated Amount Displayed

For gifts/items that have variable costs (i.e. variable postage or variable packing/kitting fees) such as dimensional mailers, custom gifts, in-person delivered gifts, and Amazon gifts, the estimated price is shown with an asterisk (i.e. $15*). After the item has shipped, the difference from the actual amount is added or subtracted from the estimated amount. For example, if the estimate was $15* and the actual was $16.20, we'd take $1.20 from the sender's account balance. If it was $13.90, we'd add $1.10 to the sender's account balance.


Estimated Amount + Actual Cost Displayed

As a Manager, you can set the price shown to the sender to track the actual cost of items. This enables the senders to budget more effectively. For example, you may set the price of a Patagonia jacket at $90 even though the Sendoso cost to pack and ship is only $16.  When the sender sends the jacket, it takes $90 away from their budget and puts the difference ($90-$16=$74) back into your team manager account balance. Sendoso uses the $16 for packing and shipping. 


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